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Jan Jarosz

It is difficult to avoid the suspicion of wanting to join the ranks of self-aggrandizers who, bending history a bit, want to put on the robes of a hero. Since in those very days I was a young person, a high school student, a student, a young teacher, it is easier for me to describe this period, standing somewhat on the sidelines. Although I took a direct part in many of the recalled undertakings of the Przemyśl opposition, I can, keeping a little distance, bear witness to them. I met many of the real heroes of that time, people who showed courage and steadfastness. I also learned about the actions of the security police - what they were able to do to people, breaking their resumes, private and professional lives, condemning them to imprisonment, exclusion. When I see some of the former UB functionaries and leaders of the

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Grażyna Niezgoda

There is also a beautiful archive that I have somewhere, photos taken by Wladyslaw Szulc from Sanok, a photographer, given to me by his daughter, which I need to find. There is also an important publication entitled: "25 x Slonne", superbly done by Tadeusz Nuckowski

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Piotr Pilch

The Black Thirteen of Przemysl, which is a Scout troop functioning at the Scout Troop at the Mechanical and Electrical Technical School in Przemysl, was the nucleus of the

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